Saint Drogo

I read an article recently that talked about the new Saints the Pope canonized.  It was mildly interesting and then the author listed many saints and their patronage.  I did not know there was a patron saint of theatrical performers, earthquakes, headaches, the internet, toothaches, and taxi drivers.  But the best one of all would have to be Saint Drogo, the patron saint of those whom others find repulsive or unattractive people and as an aside the patron saint of coffee too.

I have never really understood the Catholic Saints so I have placed it on my list of questions to study upon.  I have to finish my current study on authority before I move on to future questions.  I like the idea of questioning everything.  Next, let us question gravity!

Anyway, as I read on the early church, I found another interesting point.

At any rate the apostles did not attempt, themselves, to settle the right or wrong of the matter, but called the multitude of disciples together and left the matter with them to choose men to remedy the wrong, if any. We have here the direct appeal to the church as a whole to settle a matter in dispute and it is very significant of the way things were carried on.   –Henry T. Sell

He is discussing the selection of the first seven deacons.  Another good example of the authority the church has.  Of course I’m sure you can read it many different ways and warp it to mean something it does not.

I find myself staring off into space hoping the thought patterns begin to combine.