Rome Sweet Home

I had two people give me real books over the past week.  That made three real books I’m supposed to be reading on top of the ebooks.  But I digress.

I picked up the fiction book and consumed it rather quickly.  I don’t have to pay attention to read those types of books anyway.  The book was Daemon and I rather enjoyed it.  It has some adult content so be warned if you read it.

Then I started Surprised by Truth.  The first two stories are Presbyterians who converted to Catholicism.   The whole book is about Protestants converting.  I guess this means I’m going to have to read Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn.  I’ve been putting that book off.  I would really love to finish several unfinished books on my list before I start anything new but it doesn’t seem to be what God has in store.

The second convert story mentioned Scott Hahn.  Apparently Scott was a staunch Presbyterian Calvinist who converted.  Scott’s book was recommended to me many months back.  Always one more book.  Always more to learn about God.  This probably also means I’ll have to break down and take RCIA classes.  You can start praying for my conversion now.

It did get me to pick up the Catholic Catechism again.  I read 40% of that before I put it down.  It is a large book.  Maybe I’ll be able to finish that in the next two years.  That would be a good goal – completed by 2016.  No promises.