Remind Me Again

As we left the office to pick up Kristen from dance, I asked Blaine if there was anything he needed to remind me to do.  You see, Sunday I didn’t realize that we had no lunch meat for his lunches so I was really reminding myself to go to the store when I dropped them off at CCD.  He says, “Yes, don’t forget to say a prayer for that house as we drive by.”   Now here I am amazed at the blessings God has given me with Blaine and Kristen.  Thank you Lord for reminding my son (and thus me) to pray for that house.

I am very thankful for my children.

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  1. toworreed2sleep February 13, 2014 / 2:21 pm

    Oh my.. you’re growing another Paul… haha (didn’t say it was a bad thing.. just a thing)
    Yes, God has truly blessed you with them. And in turn, you have blessed them with good knowledge and love of God, and they will bless others, they already have, I’m sure.
    Oh, and you’re blessed to have me too.. don’t forget that! : )

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