Religion Poisons Everything

I picked this book up after reading “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. While I thought The God Delusion was a great book that engaged my mind and made me think about my faith from cover to cover, I found this book interesting at the beginning but it began to drag on towards the end. The subtitle of the book “How Religion Poisons Everything” is probably a better title instead of “god is not great”. Christopher Hitchens does a great job of showing that religion has done many bad things. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhist, and the rest stifle or prohibit knowledge, sex, free thinking, and more. They also kill or belittle and degrade people who do not believe the same as them. Can we argue this point or must we admit that these things have happened inside religion? So if religion does indeed poison everything, how then do we proceed?

Putting aside the other religions, I have to wonder if we can distinguish between the Christian religion and faith in Jesus Christ. I would say that I could argue both sides to that question. It is a good exercise of the mind to do that either alone or with others in person.

Now what to read next?