Rain Hinders Progress

I used the shovel again yesterday.  I removed something called “Monkey Grass” from one side of my front driveway.  It is raining today so the other side did not get done.  I got a blister so I probably wouldn’t have done it today anyway.  Too much hard work and all that.  Actually I probably would have done it today to avoid doing the work in the future.

I finished that book, Blue Like Jazz, yesterday.  I enjoyed it.

I have three main keys – one to the house and two to the office.  The house key had another smaller key ring on it so I could recognize it in the dark.  That ring fell off.  I am sad and do not know what to do.  I tried to put it back on but it only worked for one day.  My life may be ruined by this.

At dinner last night, I had a good waitress.  Her name was Theresa.  When I woke up this morning she was on my mind and I had to pray for her.  It is an interesting story of time and how God aligns things but I must refrain from discussing some details.  I was given a Bible verse on Thursday.  Matthew 6:25-34.  I had been thinking about this for some time and God gave me this verse.  I expected to give it to a specific random stranger that day but circumstances changed and it did not occur.

I wondered why God would give me a verse and then prevent me from giving it out.  I kept it with me and asked God to keep my eyes open for the person to give this to.  Nothing presented itself.  Jeremy had cancelled dinner Tuesday due to sickness and we rescheduled for last night.  As soon as she introduced herself and walked away, I knew God wanted her to have this verse.  I have been compelled to pray for her many times today.

It is very cool to hear God in this way.

This morning I had an interesting email conversation.  There were many data points to integrate into the knowledge base.  I really have to trust God more in my life.  I like to attempt to project things based upon data like this.  The whole “if this then that” scenario.  I made my projections and now I get to wait to see what actually happens.

I may have mentioned this but a few weeks back I had a very clear projection.  It was the second time I had seen this.  The first time it did not make sense given the data I had but this time it was quite clear.  I quickly wrote it down, dated it, and sealed it in an envelope.  I wrote a name on the top so that when this person comes to talk to me I can pull it out for them.  I have not played this game before so I am not sure if it is fun.  I can say that it is fun so far.  I am not sure when or even if they will come have this conversation with me but I am prepared just in case.

My madness goes much deeper if you really want to know.  I only give it away in small doses.