Quite Sleepy

I watched a short video this weekend (maybe 3 1/2 minutes) – Why Don’t You Like the Christians You Know? I did not expect what I heard. I thought it was powerful enough to share.

Luke 9:32 – Now Peter and those with him were quite sleepy, but as they became fully awake, they saw his glory and the two men standing with him.

‚ÄčAs I read that yesterday morning, I wondered how in the world you could be in the presence of the Savior and be quite sleepy (the ESV says heavy with sleep). Of course we get sleepy entering into the presence of God on Sunday morning so we do not have a lot of room to talk. I’m sure the disciples were constantly working, listening, learning at the feet of Jesus. That thought alone is enough to make me quite sleepy. But as we become fully awake, what are we going to do to bring glory to God?