Proper English Lost

My mind is so exhausted that writing proper English is difficult.  Two days ago I used “their” instead of “there” – the horror.  That really isn’t that bad to tell you the truth but I did realize my mistake after I sent the email.

The “really” bad mistakes were an email a few days before that.  I used “when” instead of “with” and had two, maybe three, other complete word changes.  Luckily I reread the email prior to sending it and realized it didn’t make sense.  I mean it really made no sense at all.

So I wonder how many other mistakes like that my mind has made over the past few weeks.

The last two days my mind has had to take in quite a bit of new data.  Yesterday I started a new project writing some Crystal Reports for a new client.  I wanted to quit pretty soon after getting there.  I wanted to cry too.  I knew I could do the work but nothing would go right.  If anyone there saw me praying, well I do not care, I’ll talk to God any time I can.  I just ask God for help and He came through, like He always does.

The project is right up my alley, as they say.  Accounting Information Systems and data manipulation.  Yesterday I had to link an Excel file to the accounting software which I have never used before.  I finished up the first report around noon.  I finished the next three reports before 1pm.

Today was much different.  This report is massive.  It is a deficiency report.  So I review a set of parameters from one area and compare them to another and display the deficiencies.  After weeding through the tables, I realized that there was a reference to an mJobTime and I was not sure what this was.  Turns out that it is an entirely different system that I have to link with the new accounting software.  I got access to the tables and grabbed the first one.  After a bit I found the second table I needed.  Then I found out that the types on the primary keys from each system are different.  I was almost devastated until I found a way to link through another field which really helped me out.

This massive report is really at least six reports merged into one.  I believe I will break it out and chain the reports together for simplification purposes.  It has been quite an exercise of the mind as I stare at the tables and data.  Looking to see how to manipulate it to acquire the information needed.  It’s a really fun game.

Relay meeting yesterday after work.  Entertaining one of my girls tonight before mom picked her up.  She is loving school and her new teacher.  We had dinner and played games with my bio kids.  🙂  I got to see my other girl too for a few minutes.  She said she was enjoying school too but she is still young so she will say anything.

Miranda was with them.  She is 10 weeks pregnant.  I think she is sober which is good.

Who knows what God has planned for tomorrow.  But we know He has something planned and that He is faithful.