Profound Shame

I just love words so much.

If it is really true that it is hard for us, as adult Christians, to comprehend even a chapter of the Old Testament in sequence, then this can only fill us with profound shame; what kind of testimony is that to our knowledge of the Scriptures and all our previous reading of them?  –Life Together by Bonhoeffer

I love large portions of the Old Testament.  Deuteronomy is my personal favorite in the Old Testament but Jeremiah is a close second.  The Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes are all so good.  There are portions I do not enjoy as much – the end of Exodus with the details for the tabernacle is worse than Leviticus for me – but I know there is a reason for them.  Sadly many Christians do not even try to comprehend even a chapter of the Old Testament.  There are not many people to show them the beauty that is there.

Saturday I got an email about a budget and had to reply with questions.  I knew the questions and answers could not “really” be asked and answered in an email so I stated that at the beginning.  I was very careful with my word selection.  I am almost always careful with words (and sadly defeated when I am not).  So it was a good exchange.  This led to a meeting yesterday which was quite informative and allowed me to understand the reason for some of the line items in the budget.

I enjoy budgets.  It is like business and Monopoly.  My favorite game you know?  I played for the first time when I was eight.  I wrote about it here.  That post was so worth reading again.  Marxist or Keynesian, ahh the memory.  A good one given that was when I was reading “The God Delusion”.  Nearly two years ago and the book still impresses me.  I wish I could find another of Dawkins’ books that I knew would impress me in the same manner.

Monday.  No rain but that’s OK, I suppose.