Pretend Faces

This afternoon my Bible was open to Romans 15:1.  I had read most of Romans over the weekend but stopped at that verse.  I could not get past it.  The ESV starts off like this: “We who are strong have an obligation…”

As I looked at it, the word obligation was the word that was hitting me.  So I try to take it in.  Nearly 5pm and someone texts me.  They share the weight they are carrying for someone else.  I volunteer to take it from them because they have enough to carry.  They said they would “share” so I took as much as they would give – hopefully all.

I shared Colossians 1:28-29 as the prayer verses.  I am unsure if they understood since they did not respond.  I know it was the right one.  One of the things that struck me during the texts was the phrase “pretend faces”.  They put those on to go to church.  It is interesting that this is allowed.

They told me that fear, rejection, disqualification, judgment, and ineffectiveness were the reasons to not be honest.  The sad thing is they are already rejected, disqualified, and ineffective.  The pretend faces makes it so that all those things are true.  We who are strong have an obligation.

This post is a bit short but there are many things going on in my mind.  I need to pray and attempt to sort them out.