Personal Commentary

One thing I have wanted to do recently is memorize a book of the Bible.  Recently means the past three years in this case.  I did well for a few months and had three chapters of Philippians memorized and then stopped for a reason I cannot recall.  I tried again a few months later for just a few days.  And then again a few months later for another few days.  I do not know what hinders me – maybe laziness.  I kept it on my list of goals for 2015 but have not set any action plan to accomplish this.

More recently (the past three weeks), I have thought about how to fill this new journal someone gave me.  I thought I could make it a special project for one of my children.  And then the idea of making notes over an entire book of the Bible came to mind, like a personal commentary.  Then I thought I could do that as my special project.  I would much prefer to do it on the book of Romans but I think that it would be better to start with a smaller book.

This lead me to the idea of merging the ideas.  Write a personal commentary for my son in the journal over the book of Philippians in an attempt to memorize the book for myself.  I think that is a pretty good idea but is it something that God wants me to do to glorify Him in my life?  Prayer and meditation will answer that.