Perception Of Time

I thought about my perception of time.  It appears sometimes that I stand still while time continues on.  This is a very cool perspective on time.  And we must know that there is some truth in this perception because of the realities we have put ourselves in.  Each person traversing a path in time with only brief intersections with other people’s paths – even with people who live within our lives the intersections are only minor.

Yes we get the whole “it’s a small world” topic again.  This takes us to the point of being alone with God and God alone.

This is quite an interesting reevaluation of the world for me because time does not really exist between those people outside those intersections.  Not in the manner of it ceasing but in the manner that we have traversed through it without them.  The point is that there are two people on your path through time – you and God.  Everything else is just an intersection on the path.  I think I saw this in a movie once.  Someone with a movie memory could probably help me out.

I wonder if it would change phrases like “they grow up so fast”.  This seems like a difficult perspective to hold on to for any length of time.  It is quite an enjoyable thought pattern and gave me some solace while I thought upon it.