Part Of The Brain

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day so the TED Talk app suggested some talks on love.  I guess that is good especially if I want to feel even lonelier.  Kara sent me TED talks on “when you feel like your not enough” earlier in the week.  I had seen the one on emotional first aid and even made the kids watch that.  I had also recently seen the one titled “To This Day” which I watched the spoken word portion twice and read the words from the website.

I realize it is off topic but I loved one specific line from that spoken word enough to make note of it.

I will love myself despite the ease with which I lean towards the opposite.  –To This Day

Some people have less trouble with that than others.

I watched two of the TED talks on love.  One of them I know I had seen before and the other I might have seen before.  It is difficult to recall for certain because I remember a few talks about math and love or maybe it was math and sex.  I suppose it does not matter.

The first one, that I had previously seen, talked about the brain.  During one part in particular, she stated that the same part of the brain that controls romantic love also controls motivation and focus.  That is very interesting.  Motivation and focus are difficult when rejection occurs.  And yet rejection does reside in the same portion of the brain which could truthfully have the opposite effect.  The brain is an interesting study.  Many good TED talks on the brain to recommend.

I probably should not have got the app.  I just remembered that I had also seen the one on the power of vulnerability.  I really need to sleep and also to read.