Park & Popcorn

Yesterday was quite a day.  First Blaine cooked breakfast for us.  Then the kids took me to the park for a few hours.  They packed a picnic lunch and we just enjoyed the outside.  We talked about going to the movies but Kristen did not really want to see the Lego movie and Blaine had already seen Frozen.  Instead we went to Pop Family Popcorn.  This place had over 125 different flavors of popcorn.  I was quite surprised by how good this popcorn tasted.  I think the kids were full from just tasting the different flavors.  Blaine ended up getting the Red Velvet Popcorn and Kristen got the Oreo Popcorn.  No surprises there.

Afterwards we rested a bit and then rented Ender’s Game.  Both kids enjoyed it.  Kristen actually enjoyed it more than I thought she would.  I told them there was a whole book series and this morning I bought the first book and sent it to their Kindles.  As I sat on the couch this morning before church, I watched them as they sat there quietly reading away.  I love to just watch them read.  Yes, I’m sure I should be doing more but I just wanted to enjoy their presence.

It was a simple weekend filled with simple joy.

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