Or Maybe Just Alone

Just skip reading this one…

The last few days have been interesting.  Recent news related to work just punched me in the gut.  I can foresee a few more punches and then the end.  I realize that God has a plan and it hasn’t even been decided in “real” time so we do not know what the decision is.  Alas I fear this decision will be a marker to future points that I was already afraid of.

Several months back I acquired some data points.  I found them interesting and made my projections.  I found the likelihood of the projections less than 50% at the time but still rather high.  Too high for me but there is nothing one can do about these things.  We seek God’s will and pray we are able to glorify Him in whatever situation we find ourselves in.

Today will be a key indicator as to the validity of these projections and we should be able to determine a closer probability of the events occurring.  Then I will have a week maybe two before more data is given.  This data point (acquired in the two week time frame) would put into play an event about three or four year out.  Of course this is all based on limited data but data nonetheless.

I told someone a few weeks back how I do not really want to make projections but it is how my mind seems to work.  Of course this is one of those points where you do not want to make projections but you do want to make projections.  Yes, mild contradiction but life is full of contradictions.

Funny thing is that I could very well acquire data today that would reduce the probability of the projections.  Even funnier would be acquiring the data that would ease my mind only to have the three to four year projection still come true.  It would be a good move in some aspects and in others it would be sad.  Business changes quickly.

While I’m making random nonsense, I have two other projections that I have been contemplating.  The data for one of those projections was increased greatly yesterday.  I was a bit blown away but I realized that there is this world I do not belong to.  This makes life lonely.  I ask myself each day “What will I surrender to God today?”.  I do not always answer it but Saturday I wrote “I will surrender my preconceived concepts of what my life should be and accept what my life is.  Can I do that tomorrow also?”  I know this is in reverse order of actual occurrence but it plays well in my mind.  So we have a church problem.  We have a people problem.  I think this one just connected with another.  Sometimes writing things out will allow connections that cannot be made in the mind.

The second projection has been more recent.  The short term ramifications of this would be good for part of God’s kingdom yet without prayer and supplication it could have long term consequences which hurt people.  I do not like the idea of turning people into programs.  I am too prone to do that already but it would corrupt someone else who needs not be corrupted.

So much data….