On Deaf Ears

Prayer that falls on deaf ears.  Does prayer ever fall that way?  What if I am desperate for the salvation of others and I select one person in particular and I pray for them daily.  Some days I am passionate in this prayer, filled with anguish over this lost soul while other days are more perfunctory.   Will not the Lord understand that I stumble in life?  Will not the Lord take that into consideration?

And just a reflection on my personal prayer life, today I may be passionate about the salvation of one person and tomorrow someone else receives that anguish.  And the third day someone else entirely while the fourth day there may be no anguish for anyone at all.  If the anguish is not there then I need to check myself for a pulse because I may be dead spiritually.

Now I do not want to imply that falling into meaningless prayer is good because it is not but if over our lifetime our general desire is for God to be glorified through the salvation of others then maybe those days our prayers are not filled with anguish are still heard.

What shall I do today?