Not The Normal Fun

Well this is not the normal fun but the kids and I had a great weekend.  We drove to Spring and stayed with my sister.  We had purchased cousin Emily a hat.  Someone referred to her as Princess Emily.  I like the sound of that!

Emily Hat

Saturday we went to Comicpalooza.  We saw lots of people dressed up.  Blaine got his picture with R2D2 and some Stormtroopers.

Blaine R2

Blaine Stormtroopers

Kristen got some Dr. Who time in and we saw Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter).  She was pretty excited.

Dr Who

There were a lot of crazy people dressed up and, well, we fit right in with crazies.

And to top it off the kids got to fly!  I don’t want to upload the videos again and I don’t see an easy way to embed them from Facebook so you’ll have to check those out there.

I am so thankful for times like this with my kids.