Not The Data You Want

I had collected some odd data over the past two or three months.  I did not really put them together and then one day the words used in an email triggered a projection that scared me.  I could not dismiss it even though I tried.  Yesterday I acquired more information that brought the fear a bit closer.  OK this data actually solidified my projection.  It also put the odd data into a new perspective.

Data is always adjusted by other data.

Another divorce is imminent.  The ramifications only appear to be negative.  I saw the name on my prayer list and it just hurt my heart.  My soul is bereft.

I actually thought to myself, I should have prayed more or differently.  Even now I am sick thinking about it.  I have tried to avoid the thoughts all day.

Yesterday after I found out about this, I found out about a father who has cancer.  Five kids, some of them bio kids, others adopted.  He has good insurance and the wife’s parents are great people.  They will be well cared for.

You know what is good today?  I don’t feel the day was a complete waste.  That’s progress right?