Not Step Aside

Yesterday I ready chapter seven of book two of On Christian Doctrine by Augustine.  I wanted to write about it but the words would not come.  I wanted to read it again yesterday but work and social commitments prevented me so I read it again this morning.  There is something about these words that I love but cannot voice even in my own language.

I picked a small sentence but it is really not a basis for how the words are working on me.

Accordingly, that holy man will be so single and so pure in heart, that he will not step aside from the truth, either for the sake of pleasing men or with a view to avoid any of the annoyances which beset this life.   –On Christian Doctrine, Augustine

In the following chapter, Augustine talks about the canonical books and those too are interesting words.  I have been traveling down this path for a while and I am attempting to rely on God for the answers to the questions on authority.  Questions that I do not even fully know.  The questions arise in forms not well defined and without well defined questions the answers will be inherently elusive.

I shall try to read them again and define the forms.