Not Reassuring, Frightening

I was writing in my journal.  I find it a bit more freeing sometimes than typing on the computer.  I wrote: “One sin is no different than another.  This does not give me comfort.  It actually frightens me.”

I still think about some sins as being worse than others but there are no levels of sin from God’s perspective.  But it is just natural to compare some of my sins to others.  Well of course I lied but I didn’t commit adultery.  Doesn’t that sound good?  Yes, of course it does.  Just agree with me and move on!  Sadly, “of course I lied” does not sound good at all when I put it all alone.

If we are going to sin, then why not “go all the way” with the “worst” sins that man has devised?  Murder, adultery, idolatry…

Yes, that is a good thought pattern.  See where it leads.