No Good Option?

Young mother.  Two girls living with her.  One son being raised by someone else.  Not really doing a good job with her girls but they are clothed and fed which is “enough” to keep her from losing them.  Now she is pregnant with a fourth child.

The father of the baby wants her to abort it (I only use that term since we do not know the gender of the baby).  She believes abortion is wrong yet seems to be entertaining the idea.

When we had lunch, I saw her walking to the door smoking and when we left she lit up again.  She knew what I was going to say and her response (before I actually said anything) was something along the lines of “I should stop drinking too.”

Her options are all bad, at least from her perspective – kill the baby, keep the baby, give up the baby.  Killing a baby is not something she believes in.  She can’t afford to take care of her girls now so adding another child would make matters worse.  If she gives the baby up for adoption, she believes people will see her as a bad mother.

A few days before she found out she was pregnant, she broke up with the father.  Oddly he still sleeps at her house in her bed with her.  During the past few weeks one of her other “friends” has been staying with her – a younger female who is usually “on it” as they say.  She has been away the past few days so the odds are she is “on it” now.

The morning after I found out all this, I was praying.  I wanted to pray expectantly as I had talked about in my post the day before but I had no idea what I should expect from God beyond the obvious – the life of the child.

There are much easier things to pray expectantly for.  Someone’s back surgery, salvation for someone’s son-in-law, spiritual renewal for someone fighting sin.  In this case, all I could do was pray for God’s will to be done.  Sometimes I feel that is all I can ever really pray for.