No Church Authority?

Monday night I had someone try to show me where authority comes from.  They used circular logic to show Scriptures proves Scripture is truth.  I had to fight back the urge to say a few words.  A large portion (maybe the entire argument) hinges on 1 Corinthians 13:10 and “that which is perfect” being scripture.  I asked him directly if the Apostle Paul was basically saying “When I finish writing the New Testament, what is partial is set aside” and he said yes.  I refrained again as I try to grasp the foundation upon which this thought process is based.  I later thought I needed to find out if there a second scripture to back up this reference.

Additionally I asked if the church had any authority at all and he said no.  I’m not sure I will ever be able to find that thought process based upon the Bible.  There has to be some authority given to the church – doesn’t there?  We are to submit to the leaders of our church and that appears to be authority of some type.  If we are to submit to our leaders then where does their authority come from?  It must be given to them from the Bible but manifested by the Holy Spirit.

I thought back to when I began reading the Catholic Catechism.  I thought there were three foundations they based their faith on but after searching it appears there are four.

Its principal sources are the Sacred Scriptures, the Fathers of the Church, the liturgy, and the Church’s Magisterium.  –Catholic Catechism (11)

Sacred Scripture – I would suspect that anyone of the Christian faith would agree to this.  The other three would probably require some tough discussions.  I imagine the Fathers of the Church would be the next to be agreed upon and then liturgy.  The Magisterium may never be agreed upon.  It seems this would require a new starting point for those raised Protestant.  We fight against a new starting point no matter the topic of conversation.  Yet if we do not have the correct starting point then can we ever hope to find the end?

Did God promise us truth?  Is God truth?  Did God promise to keep His Word?  Did God promise to give us His Word so that we could be saved?

So many questions.  I know how we love questions.