More Words On Paper

I have not written enough letters to people.  Actual letters.  I just don’t know how.

You know the things I would write?  The wonderful things I would write.  I would tell them of the good and the bad.  The joy and the pain.  I would share the darkness that is inside.  The darkness that words cannot even describe would be defined for their eyes for the very first time.  They would be able to grasp a touch of what was inside.  There would be no shame.

What kind of joy would that be?  No shame for our tortured souls.  Freedom from the bondage.

There are so many words on paper.  And so many more electronically.  They pile up.

I tried to write a letter.  I have tried many times in the last few weeks.  Most have been blank.  Some have been madness.  You would expect nothing less from me.  I achieved one successful letter which has yet to be delivered.  It said almost nothing of what I wanted to say but I dated it and sealed it.  Now it is destined to be read one day.  They will create a reaction as all words do.  Alas we shall not know until that fateful day…

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  1. Lisa July 24, 2015 / 8:28 pm

    I sure hope it was to me! : )

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