Well Blaine’s birthday isn’t until September but I’m not good at the waiting part.  So I got a Lego Mindstorm set.  Plus it will give us fun projects to do all summer long when we don’t have other projects.

He put part of it together Wednesday night and then we finished it up last night – at least the building part.  We ran the demo and then this morning we connected it to an app on the phone so we could control is.  Very cool stuff.

Now that the easy part is done, I hope we can “hack” it and connect the Raspberry Pi to the Mindstorm.  I have seen several live video streams done with the Pi so I think we could mount the Pi to the back of the Mindstorm and place the camera where the face is.  We may not have to connect them at all but what would be the fun in that?


He has already been modifying it this morning.  What is it they say?  The ideas are endless…