You know it is always the small things that God shows me that have such deep meaning.  I wish I could even begin to explain.

Yesterday I went to Lowes.  I needed something specific for a Christmas present.  So as I am standing there in Lowes, unsure of myself, a song starts.  I recognize it and I am filled with such joy.  The song is specific to the person I was purchasing this gift for and while many may claim happenstance, I know God was using that to reassure me.  I am really not a crafty person but this project will work out.

I did not find what I needed at Lowes so I was hoping Hobby Lobby would have something that would work.  I drove over and spent way too long looking at the one isle that did not appear to contain what I needed.  The situation was a mess.  Then after nearly an hour of standing with no hope (I told you it was crazy long), what I needed was right there in front of me.  It was there the whole time mind you but I could not see it.  So now the project has begun.  I am still not a crafty person but I am going to do this!

But wait there is more…

Before I went to Lowes, I went to Market Basket.  I was looking for a food item and they did not have it.  I have been looking for this item for a few weeks without any luck.  It is just not a regular item that stores keep in stock.  Today as I drive to HEB for my normal grocery shopping, I’m talking to God.  I am still unsure of myself even though God keeps telling me to be confident.  I have even heard myself saying “give me a sign because the wicked generation needs a sign”.  I know I tell on myself but it is true.  But it is also true that I knew I did not need a sign.  He takes care of me with ridiculous bounty.  Ridiculous!

There is this whole “high frequency” comment in the house.  How God aligns the world.  There is no thanksgiving great enough for what God provides.  Did I share how God aligns time on another post?

Now I begin my shopping and I walk down the second isle and look at this spot.  Do you know what I found there?  Two packages of this item.  No more.  No less.  All I could do was smile and thank God.  I know this sounds silly.  One should not be so happy for something like this.  But honestly I just imagined the joy this person will receive from this simple gift.  I was excited and thankful every time I looked in my grocery cart.  Even now it makes me smile.

Yes, I am thankful all the time.  I have watched God work in my life.  It amazes me.  This is something I am most thankful for.  Lately He has been working on my prayer life.  He has been reminding me to be confident as I approach the throne of grace.  And this confidence, while not my own, has been growing by the grace of God.  Thankful.

Do you know how the grace of God is?  Grace.  Grace.  Grace!

This Christmas is going to be different.  December 14th a Christmas project begins.  I’ll probably be in so much trouble because of this but I do not care.  OK.  This post has grown too long.  There is more to say but I suppose it will have to wait.