Memories Stored

I have never really considered how memories are stored in the mind until recently.  The thoughts about the path we are traversing through time have continued to spur ideas.  As I thought about this, I considered the memory and mine specifically.  I have always had a poor understanding of time relative to where I am in it and where memories have existed in time.  So “it happened the other day” could very well have been 20 years ago.  The memory is pulled and it has no reference to other points in time.  It exists as a single entity.  So even if there are two memories that occurred on the same day or in the same hour there is nothing to link the two as far as I can tell (I speak only of my own experience in my mind).

The memory trigger for each memory is unique and stops short of other memories.  I perceive that other people have the ability to link memories together with chains (not everyone but the majority appear to have this ability).  This is all based upon a very small set of data of course but it very interesting to think upon.   As I reflect I do see this ability to chain memories together over a large span of time so that it could be used to develop a system of order for your world.  This ability also varies between brain types.

The study of the brain seems fascinating to me.  What makes one person able to do complex math, another to create art or music, and yet another to do countless other things?  Yes, ultimately the grace that God gives to each of us but that was not really the answer I wanted to seek in this instance.  Of course now we ask how many different brain types are there?  But I digress.

Memories are cool…