Married Again

So on Valentine’s Day, my ex-wife (Kara) got remarried.  She had warned me a few weeks in advance that it was going to happen but didn’t tell me when (not that it is my business but it was very kind of her to warn me).  When I saw the pictures on Facebook the next day it hit me harder than I expected.  Thankfully the kids kept me too busy to think about it the rest of that weekend.  Sunday night the kids were in bed and it began to weigh on me.  Before it got too bad, I got a text inviting me to dinner later in the week and my thoughts moved from the weight to the blessings God had given me all weekend.  Monday Kara stopped by the office to get the kid’s stuff and made sure I knew.

Thursday after lunch I began to be weighed down by the loneliness again.  She came to the office later that afternoon.  Another lady happen to be here and they began looking at wedding pictures which didn’t help my mind.  I was being attacked by these emotions.  I knew her marriage was a trigger causing these feelings but I could not stop them.  Everything seemed to weigh on me – every problem of every person I know was piling up.  Friday I had dinner with a friend and was able to vent without fear of what they thought of me.  It was a good release.

Saturday night, I was not looking forward to my son’s Boy Scout banquet because Kara and Richard would both be there.  It has nothing to do with Richard because he really is a good guy.  I just wanted to avoid the entire situation.  I arrived a few minutes before they arrived and found a seat.  They arrived and we all sat down together.  A few minutes of awkwardness and then everything was just fine.  Richard and I even worked out who would bid what during the auction for Blaine’s cake – each boy bakes a cake and they get auctioned to raise money for the troop.  Probably like most people, I always imagine the absolute worst thing possible (and I’m not sure what that would have been).  I’m sure you can find God in this entire situation.  I know I experienced Him during it.

Philippians 4:12 – I have experienced times of need and times of abundance. In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of contentment, whether I go satisfied or hungry, have plenty or nothing.

Now to get back to contentment in who I am in Christ.