Many Explosions

Well last week I got a $5,000 grant from Best Buy – courtesy of God.  It was confirmation that I should move forward on one of my projects.  The manager of the local Best Buy stopped by with her husband to visit.  I’ll get a big check.  That will be fun.  Working on people to help with this.  There is a lot that will go into this.  My heart was bursting with joy because of all this.  I promise I fell on the ground and worshiped the Lord so many times.

Another business meeting this weekend to finalize employment and hopefully, eventually, partnership.  Looks like everything is on track still for January 2nd open but God will really dictate all that.

I found out dates for the trip to Niger and have approval from Kara to take the kids (one schedule to confirm).   I get to talk to the kids tomorrow.  Blaine wanted to go from the beginning and Kristen has wanted to go since we had lunch with the missionaries and their kids.  She loved their kids.  Hopefully they still want to go.

I can put Kristen on the new business bank account.  That was good news for me.  This is the new business we are starting together.  I will take this slow – to the best of my ability.

Supposed to have lunch with someone with another business idea.  Maybe this week but if not, eventually.

One of my other partnerships is moving along.  I got the credit card processing application approved and entered into the website.  I have not setup the plans or anything like that but I think we are going to just start with one plan and move forward from there.

All that to say, my mind has been working much more than usual.  I keep praying for peace and He keeps providing it.  He loves me so much.  I wish I could just give people a drop of the love He has for me.  An everlasting love.  I know this is not a normal season for me but I will accept it.  And maybe my head won’t explode until after my heart does.

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  1. toworreed2sleep October 12, 2016 / 2:59 pm

    If your head hasn’t exploded in all these years.. I think you’re good for this season. : )

    I’m really happy that so many things are falling into place for you now.

    What day are you free for cards this week?

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