Love Them As They Are

Is it difficult to love people as they are?  We are all messed up people and some are more messed up than others.

The people I know personally are all over the map.  I have thought about many of them specifically (I could not literally think of everyone specifically) and realized that with the love of Christ it is not difficult to love people as they are.  This does not mean I do not get frustrated with them.  But I realize they have to live their lives and make choices.  I cannot do that for them.

One lady has talked to me about helping her manage her money for almost two years.  She has talked to a few other people as well.  When she told me her dad had offered to help her manage it, I asked if that is what she needed.  She knew I was implying that she needed to follow Jesus and told me outright she didn’t want to hear it.  I still love her.

Another lady has wanted to straighten out her life by getting off drugs.  She has discussed this several times.  The last time I had her write a list.  I enjoy lists and it makes people think.  Less than seven days later she was back on drugs.  I still love her.

As I thought about it more, I am not sure how people love without Christ.  Of course I am still trying to figure out what love is myself.  I thought God made this my “year of love” and it may be but I feel that I have made little to no progress understanding it.  OK – little to no progress expressing it so that others understand that is how I feel towards them.  And before you get all technical on me – yes I use the actual words “I love you” when I talk to some people.

Yes, still learning about love.  It’s a life long process.