Long For All Of You

A memory associated with this verse immediately came to mind.  I do not know what kind of memory it is – positive or negative.

For God is my witness that I long for all of you with the affection of Christ Jesus.  –Philippians 1:8

After God saved me, I see people (rightly or wrongly) as blind like I was.  I see so many church folk walking around talking and acting like I did with no idea that they are not saved.  This is problematic at best because I can never know their hearts.  Not only that my data set is limited to what they display in a church setting.

It made me ask what happened to the church, the bride of Christ.  It makes me ask this still.  Yet I longed for them to have the same thing God had given me.  This new, changed heart that God gave me was just a life changer, is a life changer.

How do you talk to someone about this change without questioning the very foundation of what they have grown up believing?  I find it unlikely that I would have listened if someone had approached me.  And yet I still had this longing for them, I still have this longing for them.

God had me do some unusual things.  Maybe one day God will show me that something He had me do produced fruit.