Leadership Without Discipleship?

Can you have Christian leadership without discipleship? What do you do if your leadership is not becoming what you think it should be?  You probably need to ask yourself some questions.  

Am I the leader I should be? Am I praying for the Spirit to give me what I need to serve how He wants me to serve?  What am I looking for in the leadership and how can I change my life to be more like that?  But don’t just remain internal.  So also ask: Am I praying for my leaders to become what God wants them to be?  Am I praying for how I can engage my leaders in the way God wants to direct them and to the path He wants them to be on (and not what I want or think)?  

But I think the most important question I have asked is – do I trust the Holy Spirit to use this person to save His elect?  I know this question does not answer a more difficult question – would I allow someone I love to be lead by someone who is not doing what the Lord commands His leaders to do?  If the leader isn’t obeying God, then it would follow that the people under him would not be prone to obey God either.

This is all very interesting.  Here is another question.  Are you a leader of the elect if you do not disciple others to come to Christ or who are in Christ to grow in Him?
No I did not realize it was question day…