Know God More Fully

This weekend I read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and discussed it with the kids.  Kristen said it was OK because then she doesn’t have to actually read the book – she said I can read it and just teach them the important things out of it.  Then as I was preparing for my Monday small group one of the questions was – Do you have a desire to know God more fully?  Another great question for my children.  Kristen ever ready to answer says yes.  My follow up question was – then why don’t you read your Bible?  She had plenty of reasons but my favorite was – I process it better when you read it to me.

The last few days God has been showing me verses on wisdom and the heart.  Yesterday Acts 8:21-22 was directed at me along with James 1:5-6.  Being corrupt in heart and deficient in wisdom, I need merely ask and He will provide a new heart and His wisdom.  Proverbs 3:5-7 also got me yesterday.  Do not be wise in your own estimation.  This morning in Acts 9, I read about Saul’s conversion.  With these thoughts of wisdom and a corrupt heart in my head, the passage reads like this: Saul thought he knew things, then I, God, showed him the truth.  I gave him a new heart and My wisdom to use it for My glory.  Don’t you just love the way God talks to us with His Word?  This is why I read the Bible.  God has so much to teach me about Himself and also in turn about myself.  It is just so exciting to learn.