Keep Away

…keep away from any brother who lives an undisciplined life…

How do we avoid being that undisciplined brother? What areas of your life are undisciplined? The hours of TV? The hours of exercise? The hours of social media? I had to confess my lack of discipline last week. I was not being filled with God’s Word even though I was reading my Bible every day. They were words on a page and nothing more. I wasn’t disciplined in seeking what God had prepared for me in His Word. As I have been moving out of that, by the grace of God, the Word is alive again. It started with 1 Timothy so I have stayed in that book. I suppose I am looking for disciplines. A few that found me include instructing people (1:3), praying, intercession, and thanks (2:1), manage your household (3:4), and public reading of scripture (4:1).

1 Timothy 4:15 – Take pains with these things; be absorbed in them, so that everyone will see your progress.

And to be disciplined means I must be absorbed in them.  If I am not absorbed, you will not see my progress in the faith.  And when I do not see progress in my own faith, I feel dead.  That means sin and separation from God which hurts.  This ideally bring repentance and reconciliation.  I know I share this concept regularly but God’s Word is just amazing.  Our heavenly Father just molds us into the children He wants us to be.  So let’s be absorbed in His Word, in prayer to Him, in praise and worship, and enjoying His presence in our lives.  Praise His glorious name.