Just Want To Forget

Some times I just want to forget.  Even if it were only for a few moments.  I believe we all deal with this problem.  I could continue on backwards in time for quite some time.  Each memory making me more disgusted.

This mother came to see her children tonight.  She had a new tattoo.  She left early Saturday because she was sick and then dropped $100 on this tattoo after she left.  I just want to forget that there are people like this out there.  Spending money on a tattoo is not bad but she struggles with the basic necessities because of waste like this.  Twice her gas has been cut off.  There have been two times that I know about where there was no toilet paper in the house (multiple days in a row).  She goes without her medication because she “has no money”.

It is difficult to comprehend and this is just one person of many that I personally know.  We won’t even go into the billions I do not know.  Oversight is one thing but this is just blatant irresponsibility.

I do not even know how to pray for this one but I do.