Just Throw It Away

Friday night I had a date scheduled with Kristen.  We arrived at La Suprema (her choice) and placed our orders.  Then two people walk in that I know and join us.  We had some normal conversation before I hit them with the “who has authority” theological question.  It was such a joy to discuss the topic but really any theological topic will get my mind joyfully spinning.

The next morning I got an email response from the wife who told me to throw the book I had read away and forget it.  This was no real response to the point about authority which amused me.  Throwing the book away does not make the question go away.  I responded with more points that I was not able to share at dinner.  Discussions are so much fun!

During dinner I was quite proud of Kristen.  She joined right in the discussion and even knew my points and counterpoints.  I had talked to the kids two night prior about this issue during family worship.  We talked about all the same points and she had paid attention and was able to use the arguments properly.  It just filled me with so much joy.  I have a special project I am working on for Kristen so this memory was one saved for this project.  I have to be vague in case she reads this.

This probably means I should reschedule my date.

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