Just Delete Them All

I just deleted three unpublished posts.  The words were good but not complete.  I would say life has been busy but that would be a lie.  Life is life.  Busy is a state you put yourself into.

Much continues to be accomplished.

Last year I was asked to serve on the National Relay Online Leadership Team.  I wasn’t sure what I would be doing but recently, due to restructuring, the leader of Online Recruitment was let go from ACS.  They asked for a volunteer and I was the only one to step forward.  Who wants more work?  Repeat busy is a state you put yourself into.  I have already been thinking new thought patterns.  Very fun.  I got a spreadsheet of the events from across the nation without an online chair – over 2800.  Last I knew there were less than 5000 events so over half do not have someone in this position.  I could not share all the patterns here.

Nothing going on with Jux on Mission right now.  I look at the mind map regularly but God hasn’t opened anything up.

Several good happenings at Jux.  Looking for more opportunities to grow.  Many new possibilities.  No new thought patterns that I can recall but old ones being looked into again.  New patterns will emerge some time.

LOVE Like Him Ministries made good progress.  A meeting tomorrow.  I hope another one next week.  And then for sure on May 13th.  This gave me a good thought pattern that has continued to use my brain even while trying to sleep.  So many ideas to put together.  Exhausting but exciting.

I went to my sister’s this weekend.  One full day of no thinking about any of those things so it was a break for my brain.  Thank you Jesus for the gift of rest.

In a few weeks I meet with a pastor about a trip to Africa in February.  Kara doesn’t really know what to think just yet but I think God may be aligning this trip for me and the kids.  If so I will be so thankful to God.  If not, then I will be a different kind of thankful.  This pastor also told me about a trip to India in September but I can’t make both trips.  At least I do not see how I can.

Our local Relay event isn’t to far away.  Found out news today that will effect the event in two years so it gives us time to prepare.  Someone will not be leaving the event but not able to participate at the same level as they currently do.  Honestly steps were already being taken to help this situation.  Sadly one of the older teams (been in existence since our event began 20 years ago) will not be there this year.  The lady who has run it is too old and has been in the hospital at least twice this year.  No one else will step up to lead it.  This may be the last year they turn in money to the event as well.  They are a large team that raises around $10,000 so it will be a loss but it happens.

I know there are a few other things but I am going to be done for now.  I wasn’t able to pray or read properly so I decided to write.  Now I will try to pray again.