Jesus Alone

I have been struggling to write here lately.  I write and write but never hit “Publish”.  There are many reasons why.  It all seems too raw, not polished.  I should probably post raw and not care but I haven’t been able to yet.

If you really want to help someone, you must point him or her away from you or any other human minister, away from any merely human program or spiritual solution, and point to Jesus Christ, who alone can truly save.  –Jesus the Evangelist by Richard Phillips

Several conversations have me asking the questions – what does the world need and what do people need?  The answer is Jesus.  The world needs Jesus.  People need Jesus.  Yesterday I was reading a Facebook post from my sister in Christ, Shilo.  I was convicted.  One thing she asked was “How real is your Jesus?”  How real is my Jesus?  He is real enough to save wretched souls in this world. There is no doubt He can do this because He saved a wretch like me.  People will not see Jesus until they see us living like Him and laying down our lives.  I know the desperation in my sister’s heart.  If you step out of the church and spend the time in that life you will love God’s people, if the Spirit of God is in you.  Your heart will be broken again and again to the point where you do not think you can take it any more.  But Jesus will sustain you.

Shilo’s FB Post

A few heavy thoughts….you may want to stop here…..

We need to get outside of the church building and into the streets.

We need to BE the gospel of Christ Jesus to people. We MUST be the gospel of Christ Jesus to people! THIS IS THE NEW CHURCH! How you relay Christ to others through your life. Real application.

Our “approach” must change, although The Message should never vary from the Holy Scripture.

Met a man while doing street ministry. He’s an example of lots and lots and lots of people. He had a form of godliness, but denying it’s power. He repeated bits and pieces of The Word, but threw in their confusion regarding the Koran.

People are lost in our own neighborhoods. While I love and respect foreign and oversees missions – we have a mission field in our own backyard. Don’t get it twisted. A soul is a soul. Start at home first.

I’m growing increasingly shocked by the number of grown people I come in contact with who have never heard about Adam and Eve, much less Jesus Christ. This is a tragedy in the USA.

We as Christians, by majority are not doing our job. Our job being The Great Commission and making disciples. Even though I thank God for and could never stop —- Church attendance is not our job.

Though God is sovereign, satan is the ruler of this age – for now. If you don’t believe it, know it or realize it, look around. Murder, suicide, depression, pride, abortion, rape, addiction, poverty, mental illness…..these things come from one place – and that’s hell, and they are rampant.

Today, I learned of a mom, son and daughter who left their home because the dad – raped the daughter. The son is planning on quitting high school so he can work to help his mom. How would YOU minister to them? What would you say? How real is your Jesus? Would you just offer an apology, invite them to church, pray and walk away?

We are so consumed in our own lives that we not only are blind to the needs and pain of others, but truly, we can’t help them – because we can’t help ourselves. And furthermore, we don’t want to help, right? It would require too much investment of time on our parts.

When you are faced with real life crisis, real devastation due to adultery, a horrific diagnosis for your child, homelessness and repossession, unexpected, tragic death ——- that fake smile and patty cake service you give off to others isn’t gonna cut it. At some point – the crowds won’t be there to applaud you, shout Amen or rally around you in some political, cliquish circle —- but God has to be authentic to you. You may find it’s all you have. And you may find that all that other stuff that we fill our egos with is just bs with no effectiveness.

What you have with Christ alone, will be what sustains you.