It Was The Year 2017

I have been isolated today so I’m not sure how the world is managing with the year incrementing by one.  I should probably keep up with the world.  Know the details of events it continues to produce but I’m not really that interested.

I wanted to start of list of topics or ideas to write about.  There are many ideas that I love to talk about and that in turn could lead to writing.  None of them have made my list which is blank.  And honestly I did not spend much time on creating the list.  The idea occurred to me today and then I remembered the taxes I had to do.

940.  941.  W2.  W3.  Texas Unemployment.  JUX.  SMR.  GOS.  It never seems to end.  I made it to the office and began working.  I thought some loud music would help me forget but it was just a minor distraction.  My phone rings.  Time to setup Internet at someone’s house.  Pick up my daughter so she can play with the baby.  Pick up two TVs from the side of the road.  Install Internet.  Return to the office for more forms.

I looked at the post-it note and it said to find topics to write about.  I was done so I got in the car to drive home.  Kristen has already began prep work on dinner.  Cook and talk.  Always fun.

Attempt to read.  I purchased a short book on Lying yesterday.  Started and finished it.  So I got a book titled “Against Empathy” today.  I think I might be against empathy.  I do accomplish some reading then the eyes get heavy.  Watched a short show of no value.  Eyes still heavy.  So write about nothing specific.

I used to be different.  There are always so many changes.

Soon we will be able to describe the wonder of it all.  The year that was.  The year that will be.