It Happens

I had a conversation with an 8 year old last night.  At some point she asked if I was worried when I was her age.  I told her I did not remember being worried.  She said she worries all the time.  Her biggest worry was that her mom would die.  She told me that God takes people even when they are 29.  “It happens.”

She told me she would be very sad.  I would too.  I told her it was both a time of joy and sadness if we know the person is going to heaven.  She decided it would still be more sad for her to go the rest of her life without her mom.  I could only agree.  I have never really faced death in this manner.

This little girl has two younger sisters and a younger brother.  She is amazing.  She protects them, watches over them.  Watching her in those times will also make you a bit sad, knowing she has had to grow up so early in life.  Knowing she has to be an adult because her mother isn’t much of one.  I remember late last year taking her out to dinner and seeing a change in her and glorifying God for what He was doing.  It was really a good night for me.   He is a good Father with really good gifts.

Even further back, I remember understanding that the mother would be lost but the girls would be saved.  I do pray that the mother is not lost but I “fear” it may be so.  Alas, we do not know.  We only do the work God gives us.  We minister to those He puts in our lives.  And honestly they minister right back into my life.

Today, I try to take steps.  I do not know what steps to take.  I told God last night I had no idea what steps needed to be taken.  I have been a bit despondent with regards to progress in areas of my life.  “All” areas?  I suppose that’s a bit much even though it feels that way.  Today, I will take steps.  Hopefully forward…