Impossible To Love Jesus

Recently I was thinking about all the wonderful ways the church tries to trick people into loving Jesus. The right kind of music is always a good place to start. Nice people, slides and video games for the children, and maybe even a coffee shop out front are also good. Why do we need these tricks and so much more? Because it is impossible to love Jesus without them. Jesus just doesn’t fit in with this world so the church must make it appear as if He does, otherwise these people will never know the truth. The church ends up lying to people so that they can know the truth. It really is a brilliant strategy – where do I sign up!

I really do love the bride of Christ but so many of the things we do frustrate me beyond compare.

What really matters?  It feels like I ask this question a lot but I am not sure I will ever ask it enough.  People matter.  And when my life glorifies God, others see it and some will be drawn to it.  Too many times we get distracted by all the other things.