If I Want

What I want.  What you want.  What Jesus wants.

Jesus replied, “If I want him to live until I come back, what concern is that of yours? You follow me!”  –John 21:22

When I read this verse yesterday, I thought we could all use it as a fill in the blank.  As I say that please understand that I need it most of all.  “If I want him/her to __________, what concern is that of yours?  You follow me!”

If Jesus wants Jane to move to a foreign country and you to stay here, follow Him.  If Jesus wants John to be the extrovert that influences hundreds of people and you to influence a smaller number, follow Him.

That morning before I read the scripture, I wrote in my journal “Please give me wisdom for …”.  I am desperate to make the decisions that show I am following Him, His will.  Decisions for my family.  Decisions for my business and employees.  Decisions for those around me who I influence both directly and indirectly.  I just need wisdom, His wisdom.  How do I follow You in all areas Lord.

Just lessons I learn over and over.  Reminding myself God is using me where I am.  I just need to follow Him.