I Thank My God

I went through my divorce with someone.  Since that time I have sent her a text every Monday morning.

I thank my God every time I remember you.  –Philippians 1:3

At some point (during or right after the divorce), I was reading Philippians and all I could think about, when I read this verse, was how I was thankful God put her in my life.  She helped me during a very dark time in my life.  I love to think about her when I read this verse and even more I love to pray for her and her family as I read it.  I know it is a simple pleasure in life but it is a great privilege to pray for people.

I have a few more stories I want to share about the book of Philippians.

I used to ask people what their favorite Bible verse was.  One morning at church several years ago I asked Kristi this question – she is married to Jason, the pastor from my previous church.  She told me the entire forth chapter of Philippians was her favorite.  It was the first time I had someone tell me an entire chapter was their favorite but it was a great conversation.  Later when the kids and I left to go to Belize, she wrote each of us a card which we were not allowed to open until we got on the plane.  Mine had several verses from Philippians 4 in it.  I still have this card.

Philippians 4:8 is the “whatever” verse.  I was dropping off a check at the school and spoke with a lovely lady who had this verse on her coffee cup.  She was all smiles and really brightened my day which happened to be particularly dark for me because of the divorce.  I like to remember her and how she made me remember the joy of talking about Jesus each time I read that verse.

I remember Philippians 1:12.  It was particularly powerful for me when I came to realize that God used the divorce to break me of the idol I had created in a family.  He used the divorce to save me and I knew that God had used (and would continue to use) that situation in my life to advance the gospel.

There are so many good memories to recall from the book of Philippians.