I Intended For Them

God’s Word is just so alive.

‘For,’ I say, ‘just as shorts cling tightly to a person’s body, so I bound the whole nation of Israel and the whole nation of Judah tightly to me.’ I intended for them to be my special people and to bring me fame, honor, and praise. But they would not obey me.  –Jeremiah 13:11

One idea I have been thinking upon for a few weeks is worship.  Another idea which is closely relate is the glory of God.  Worship is giving glory to God.  As I believe I discussed recently, I feel that this should be a very emotional response and my lack of emotion creates a feeling in me that I am not worshiping.

How can giving glory to the God who made the heavens and the earth not make me emotional?  I know deep down it does but when it is not expressed in the same manor as others express in their worship, I feel like I am lacking.  A (the?) key ingredient in this is “I feel” because we know that feelings lie.

Moving on, I see in this verse that God intended for His special people to bring Him fame, honor, and praise.  And we know that God still intends His elect to do the same.  As Israel was to glorify God to all the nations, so the elect are to glorify God in all the nations.  It is really a natural overflow of a changed heart.

God intends for me.  God intends for you.  Let us obey Him so that He receives the fame, honor, and praise that He alone is worth of.