I Have Even Made

One of the discussions I had Saturday was about Jesus being a Calvinist.  It was quite entertaining to me but I eventually had to divert the conversation to avoid any negative occurrences.  We read the last part of John 6.  They did not change their mind and they probably never will but that is OK.  It is very interesting how I did not understand what I believed until I believed it.  And now I find it difficult to remember what I used to believe.

I have a point that I will discuss with them, the next time I get the opportunity.  They are good Baptists so they believe in the security of the believer, once saved always saved, or perseverance of the saints.  It seems they only have a choice when they believe but no choice at all after that.  Hmmm…

This morning I read Jeremiah 27.

I have at this time placed all these nations of yours under the power of my servant, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.  I have even made all the wild animals subject to him.  –Jeremiah 27:6

Why would God do this?  Because He is God and can do whatever He wants.  But God calls this pagan king “my servant”.  God is doing a lot here.  He is sovereign here.  Not one thing is outside of His control.

It is like the Pharaoh in Exodus.  He knew he did wrong and he knew God was in control of every aspect of his life and yet he took responsibility for his actions.  It is a very interesting dynamic.

My date for tonight is sick.  She just threw up and will not be going to school.  It is actually a whole alignment of time.  I enjoy seeing these alignments.  It helps me to see that I am on the path God wants me on.  Yesterday I was asked to attend a meeting for someone.  I have had a desire to engage this person since I found out they are most likely an atheist or agnostic.  I know it has to be done properly.  So I talked to God and have waited.  Then last week I got a small opportunity which I will expand on later this week.  And then again this meeting I will attend for them will be another good point.  It is very exciting.

Crazy thing is that last night and this morning I have moved up on the scale.  I fear I might hit the 8-9 range today.  I hate that knowing the work God has for me and the crippling effect this could have on me.  Of course I suppose it forces me to rely on Him for everything.  I ask – don’t I already Lord?

Who knows what God has planned?  He got me out of bed as I pleaded with Him so there is something planned.