I Am Determined

This morning part of my reading included Psalm 57.  I see in verse six the same feeling that many of us have.  “I am discouraged.”  Hopefully this is not a continual discouragement but we do become this way.  At dinner last night, I asked Tommy if he thought his church was changing.  Basically he said he perceived no change.  This definitely will bring about discouragement if you want it to.

They have prepared a net to trap me;
I am discouraged.
They have dug a pit for me.
They will fall into it!

Psalm 57:6

But the chapter does not end there.  The very next verse we see that he is determined.  He will sing and praise the Lord.  I shared with Tommy that I perceived change was happening and it was good.  While I realize that there are many things that happen in a church, there has been a very specific change in this church.  I am not sure how large it is but I clearly see the desire to make disciples of all nations growing in the elect inside this church.  I shared how it appeared to be growing and equated it to a snowball rolling down a hill.  It might be small now but if it is God’s will the snowball will be huge soon enough.  And I pray it is huge.

I am determined, O God! I am determined!
I will sing and praise you!

Psalm 57:7

Only God really knows what will happen in His churches but God allows us to see parts of His plan from time to time.  He also allows us to participate in His plan which is just amazing if you think about it.  Are we determined?  I will sing and praise You Lord!