Hotel Iieee

The distance traveled never seems far enough.  Only the most observant will be able to put together the pieces.

It is fun to play mind games with myself.  I have a game I have been contemplating.  It would require quite a bit of preparation and a touch of skill.

I watched a cool VR music video from Bjork.  She is Icelandic so it is difficult to understand but the second word (which may be the first word you can pick out) was of particular interest to me.  The kids didn’t get the word at all which surprised me.  Years ago I was always surprised when people could not understand someone because of an accent.  Of course I was younger, in college, and didn’t understand the world and people as well as I do now (which isn’t really that much more than it was then).

One of the computer science teachers.  One of the math teachers.  I remember the math teacher said something along the lines of “if you don’t understand me or my accent feel free to drop the course”.  I remember a guy got up and walked out after he said that.  There was another that barely had an accent at all.  I believe he was in the college of business.  The complaints there were significantly higher than in the college of engineering.

The cultural differences between the two colleges was interesting.  I found the college of business to be less respectful.  As an example people would come and go during class without regard to the teacher or others while this would rarely, if ever, occur in the college of engineering.  There was one class in particular that you would stay sometimes 30 to 45 minutes after the class was officially over because the professor was still teaching.  Dr. Koh (I believe that is the correct spelling).

What one person remembers, another person forgets.