Highlight Sections

The kids have been reading Matthew. I have them looking for specific things in the book – references to the prophets and Jesus being called the Son of David and the Son of Man. Matthew was writing to the Jews and so these were important points for him to get across to show Jesus was the Messiah. The kids also highlight sections they like in each chapter and tell me why they like them. It has been a good experience thus far.

Matthew 10:39 – Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life because of me will find it.

This weekend Matthew 10:39 was part of our discussion so we got to talk about ISIS and the persecuted church. I realize we do not have to lose our physical life to find eternal life (although sometimes it seems like an easier solution). We lose our life in service to our Savior. This is a much more difficult concept to live out but we push forward as best we can and pray desperately for help to do it.

I am not sure why but we moved on to the Planned Parenthood videos.  We talked about murdering babies and selling baby parts.  We talked about how God doesn’t necessarily design us (or maybe call us) with the same gifts or desires to work in specific areas like abortion.  However we are required to support those Christians who are called to those areas in any way we can.  Always a good time talking to the kids.  I told them it must have been happy hour talking about all those things.  🙂