Hideout For Robbers

I read Jeremiah 1 again and got nothing so I moved back forward to the next chapter I am supposed to be reading.

Jeremiah 7:11 – Do you think this temple I have claimed as my own is to be a hideout for robbers? You had better take note! I have seen for myself what you have done! says the LORD.

This temple I have claimed as my own.  Today God has claimed the hearts of His elect as His temple.  And today His elect fight against sin in their hearts.  Against oppressing foreigners, orphans, and widows.  Against killing the innocent and paying allegiance to other gods (Jeremiah 7:6).

Israel thought they were safe because they had the temple of the LORD (Jeremiah 7:4).

We steal, murder, lie, and commit adultery just like they did (Jeremiah 7:9).  It seems we are no different.  We have turned the temple of our hearts that should belong to God into a hideout for robbers.  Do we have any remorse?  Any repentance for the sin in our lives and in our churches?  The LORD has seen what we have done.

Do we have time to waste or are our lives a vapor?