Has Been Vouchsafed

The grace God pours out on people is different.  Some people are given emotion and others are not given as much.  Some people are given knowledge and others are not given as much.  I know I have discussed this point many times and the reason is obviously because I need to hear it again and again.  I need to understand the grace God has given me is not the same as He has given others.

Ye see, brethren, that the greater the knowledge that has been vouchsafed to us, the greater also is the danger to which we are exposed.  –Clement I

As I try to finish up this letter by Clement I to the Corinthians, I see so much good information.  Some people wanted to make this letter part of canon.  As we know it was not included and one note I read a few days ago stated doubt as to its authorship.  This was the only note I found stating this, as most others believe it is authentic.

How true is this statement?  The greater also is the danger to which we are exposed.  I am responsible for the knowledge God imparts to me.  I am responsible to share what I learn.  Many times I believe the vast majority of people, church attenders more specifically, have no desire to seek out the depths of the knowledge of God.  They seem indifferent or worse they seem trapped with an idea that says “just throw it away“.  And maybe they don’t want to learn for that very reason.

I watched a TED talk recently on willful blindness which was very interesting.  It seems to me that we all have this to some degree but according to her talk 85% of people are willfully blind to a large degree.  I am not surprised by this number.  I highly recommend this video.

Not sure how we can change this.  We raise our kids to think and ask question.  We challenge those around us to do the same.  And we pray that the Lord will change people’s hearts.