Future Joy

I mentioned that I was reading a book called “Don’t Follow Your Heart”.  It has had many good things.

Jesus’s eyes were on his future joy – the joy set before him.  He got through the cross by focusing not on the cross but on the promised joy that would result from it.  That’s where God wants your eyes: on the future joy he has promised you.

Future joy.  It is difficult to grasp a hold of future joy when you do not consider much past the current moment and the current weight crushing your chest.  The pain is much.  I cried myself to sleep.  What we call sleep.  Yet the work did not cease through the pain yesterday.

Is it false to encourage people when you yourself are far beyond compare?  One.  Two.  Meeting.  Lunch (with people).  Three.  Four.  Five.  Six.  Dinner (yes with people).  Seven (which may or may not be counted).   This morning God already placed people on mind for lifting up.  Will they even know the desperation of my own soul?  They need not be concerned with anything but bringing glory to God in their lives.

Life turns inward for the depressed so we must turn our focus outward for escape.  Outward and inward – is there really a difference?  I reviewed some articles this morning on depression.  Repent of sin – what sin is this?  Don’t neglect the disciplines – what discipline am I neglecting?  One after another they tell me things that just do not help.

Steeped in His Word, in prayer, in ministry to people, in fellowship (as best I can).  Desperate for relief.  A few days it was not too heavy but yesterday was not one of those days.  Crushed beyond my own capabilities.  Reliant on God alone.  Alone with God and God alone.  He is the one I can trust.  No one else will be there.  Alone.

It is a dark morning.  Jesus got through the cross by focusing on the promised joy.  Our hope is in Jesus.