Free In Christ

The other working title for this post was “Bondage Sucks” but that seemed a bit crass.

You know it is interesting that I hold on to things and then when God frees me, He really frees me. It is during these times that I know what it means to be free in Christ. I wish I could maintain this freedom longer. The flesh always chains us down, brings us back into bondage. Sometimes I even know I have returned to this bondage and I want to escape, to be free again but I am trapped until God decides to free me.

Why can’t I keep this freedom forever while here on earth?  Or how can I?  Why do I get pulled back again and again when this freedom is so much better?  Bondage to sin just sucks.

I imagine that we cannot really understand the freedom we have in Christ unless we remember the bondage we have without Him.  I also imagine that without remembering the bondage, having sympathy for people who are completely trapped is difficult.  I must be able to relate to those in complete bondage.  So it must be that God is training me. He likes to teach me in this way.

Do not misunderstand, I love the freedom. I love my mind working in this freedom. The thoughts He gives me are so much fun to think about.  The time spent with my kids in this freedom or the time spent with others talking about the things of God in this freedom are both life giving.  The life in bondage is life taking and basically sucks.

I realize many things I think about may not necessarily advance the kingdom of God. I do not know what else to do with those thoughts except think about them. It seems God gives them to me to enjoy.

Living in a fallen world we can never be completely free.  Only when Jesus returns will our freedom from sin be complete.  What a glorious day that will be.